Hamish is an Australian acrobat. He spent his childhood in Papua New Guinea climbing trees, razor wire fences, frolicking on tropical beaches, and developing a keen appreciation for boiled sheep’s tongue. As a teenager Hamish lived in Brisbane Australia, a place with quite different kinds of trees, a lot less razor wire, a very peculiar imitation of a beach in the centre of town and truly superb meat pies. Hamish is a graduate from Circomedia (UK) and was a top-class idiot at Ecole Philippe Gaulier (FR), these days he lives in Stockholm where he is studying at DOCH (SE), and thoroughly enjoying the national past time of fika.

Hamish works with companies Ockham’s Razor (Every Action, Not Until We Are Lost), STRIKE!(STRIKE!),  and Arbonauts (The Desire Machine, Bipeds Monitor). He has had the honour of working with directors John-Paul Zaccarini, Firenza Guidi, Ben Duke, Mark Storor, Mish Weaver and Keziah Serreau. Hamish also spends a fair amount of time collaborating research on Shiatsu to Death via Pornography, Violence and Pudding.

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